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The long-awaited apartment reveal is here! However … I’m only showing you my living and sleeping space. The entryway + kitchen reveal will come at a later date (but don’t worry- a good sneak peek of the kitchen is part of this reveal ????)


Disclaimer: although I’m calling this an “apartment reveal,” there are still SO many more projects I’m doing in the home. Curtains, wall trim, and other heavy-lifting projects are going to be added in the next few weeks. In a perfect world, I would have loved to wait to do the reveal until then, but I wanted you all to see the layout of the space as soon as possible. If I had to choose how to describe this interior style, I think it would be a mix of deco-vintage-boho ???? To be honest, I don’t know what you would call it! Here is the style guide/vision board I made for the space:

And here is the floorplan:

I chose this apartment over a 1-bedroom because 1. it was cheaper and 2. It actualyl gave me more usable space and storage. (ps. I had to take these photos with my old camera so these will all be replaced with better photos in the next week or two ☺️)


I wanted to mix as many unique elements as possible with traditional bases to keep the space looking interesting but not too cluttered. I also wanted to keep the home feeling open and bright. Of course, the main focus of the space is obviously the windows, and I can’t WAIT to finally install a window treatment for them ????

The wall the TV is on is definitely something I’m still working on, but content with as of now. I added some dowels to the wall and painted them a soft peach to add some type of feature statement. I also wanted to off-center the TV so it wasn’t the main focus of the space. And of course, I had to do another DIY tv frame, only this time in white ???? This media console is from Anthropologie and I am deeply in love. It didn’t need much decor other than a simple book and table vase!

My bed area is probably my favorite area of my home so far. I wanted to prove you can mix patterns WITHOUT making a space feel too hectic and overwhelming. To balance the space, I made sure to choose a colorful and neutral pattern that was somewhat in the same category (nature!) I also added a fun decorative pillow to the bed that matched the room divider, to help keep it cohesive. Although these are completely separate patterns, I think they go SO well together! I do want to point out I kept my bed and bedding completely white, as I STILL believe in neutral bases in a smaller space.

This dresser was bought vintage and I am SO in love with it. Not only does it have more storage than my last dresser but it also adds that 80s style I’m currently in love with.

My reading corner is my favorite space to read and work right now. I wanted to add some sort of seating here so I could see the Empire State Building (the view from this angle is the best!) I will soon be adding an ottoman and side table to this little corner, so don’t judge the bareness right now!

Many of you know I am a DIE-HARD console table fan, and that hasn’t changed since moving to my new space. This console table functions as my desk and dining table, same as in my last apartment! This is why (if some of you ask) I don’t have a dining table in this new apartment. I wouldn’t have used it and I would have rather replaced it with storage which brings us to the next area:

This storage space is definitely getting major upgrades in the next few months. I’m not quite sure what I want to do above it … but for now, I am content. I could have put a dining table here, but the storage was necessary. Not only does this buffet add fabulous surface space, but it also stores all of my tools and photography equipment!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting content on breaking up studios, storage hacks for smaller spaces and tips to blend different interior styles together. Oh, and the kitchen and entryway reveal will be next month (here’s a sneak peek to stay sane ^). Stay tuned for those posts because they will include more updates to the apartment and tips you won’t want to miss ????


XO, Chelsey

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  1. Deborah says:

    This is probably a dumb question, but here goes! What sizes are the pillows on your bed? I have a similar headboard and when I do a European square and pillows with shams, it gets to be too much. You seem to have the right mix. Thank you – your apartment is lovely!

  2. A Sandhu says:

    Absolutely love your style !

  3. NY Fashionista says:

    Could you mention if that painting/print (women’s back in dress) in your storage area is vintage or is it possible to buy the same thing? Thanks!

  4. Brianna says:

    Love the space! How did you get the neon pink behind the mirror? Thanks!

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