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My Go-To Tips for Making Your Small Apartment Feel Larger



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If anyone understands the struggle of living in a small apartment, it’s me! This is my third year living in a studio apartment, and although it’s larger than my last apartment, it’s still SMALL. Today, I’m sharing my GO-TO tips for making a small space look and FEEL larger (instantly).

Using acrylic to create the illusion of space

This is one trick I’ll always live by. Lucite or acrylic furniture will always create the illusion that your space is more spacious than it actually is. Lucite vases, chairs, and tables are great options, especially for smaller apartments. An acrylic coffee table can make your living space INSTANTLY feel less cluttered, and bigger. The best part about lucite is that it can practically go with any interior style AND you can find amazing options for under $200!

Floating furniture to create a dedicated area

This is a completely FREE way to transform your living area. Yes, I said free! Your first instinct is usually to place furniture against a wall. However, floating your sofa in the middle of your room can help created division in the space and make it feel cozier. This works especially well in a smaller home, like a studio, where you need to create separation between areas. Additionally, if you do float your sofa, use the space behind it for a console table or desk. Additionally, this little trick makes your space feel so much more polished and inviting!

Multi-functional furniture

This is my #1 rule in any smaller space. Multi-functional furniture is furniture that can serve more than one purpose. If you live in a smaller space, I highly recommend you incorporate a narrow console table somewhere in your home that you can push two stools underneath. This console table can be used as a desk, dining table, OR vanity! It can virtually be used for any purpose. Always ask yourself the question, “can this item be utilized for more than one use?” before incorporating it into your home! Trust me, it will save you sanity when decorating a smaller space!

Using neutrals as your bases

In a smaller home, using creative tricks to make your living space feel larger is a necessity. Natural colors such as whites, grays, and tans can make your space feel so much larger. Love color? No worries! You can add pops of color through your accents and decor (pillows, vases etc.) (Your bases are large pieces of furniture such as your sofa and media console.)

And there you have it! My go-to tips for making your small space feel WAY larger. Will you be trying this out in your home??



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  1. I’m a hoarder in a tiny apartment and I need this article!

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