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How to Create a DIY TV Frame for Only $12



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TVs are a sore subject for many designers. How can you make a big, black box on a wall look good?

You can purchase custom-made TV frames, however, they are usually extremely expensive. They also have televisions that look like picture frames (like this!), but these are also very expensive. If you already have a TV and hate the way it looks, try this fun tutorial! I turned my TV frame gold for $12 and in under 20 minutes. It looks amazing and it makes my television more pleasing to look at when “Friends” or “Outlander” isn’t on  ?

All I did was wrap the outer frame with 3/8 inch metallic, gold tape. It was that simple! I used the same tape for my “faux wallpaper” tutorial.

This tape has a mirror-like finish and won’t discolor over time. Since this tape is mostly used for decorative trim and advertising displays, I figured it was safe to use for my television!

Tired of your boring TV? You can create a budget-friendly DIY gold TV frame quickly! Learn how to create this amazing, chic DIY here. #smallapartmentideas #livingroomdecor #livingroomideas #walldecor #DIYtvframe

Not a fan of gold? There are SO many other colors you can choose from! White, silver, pink, you name it!


All I did was cut the tape to the exact width and length of the TV frame. I didn’t cover the sides of my TV, but you can if you really want to. Just be careful not to cover up any ventilation! 

I actually prefer this method over purchasing a TV frame because this easily allows me to switch colors if I ever get tired of the gold. One day, I will probably purchase the actually “picture frame” TV, but until then, this will have to do!

Tired of your boring TV? You can create a budget-friendly DIY gold TV frame quickly! Learn how to create this amazing, chic DIY here. #smallapartmentideas #livingroomdecor #livingroomideas #walldecor #DIYtvframe

I almost feel silly as this isn’t so much a tutorial but just one piece of advice haha. However, I figured even though this is a SUPER easy “DIY,”  it will be useful to soooo many people! Especially if this idea hasn’t been thought of before.

If you do this DIY to your television, tag me on Instagram and I’ll post it to my stories 🙂

XO, Chelsey

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