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I’m so excited to announce that my book, Rental Style, is officially on bookshelves! (Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Target carry it!) Sorry if you already follow me on IG- I’ve posted about it quite a bit on there 🙂

Today, I wanted to go into detail about what content is in the book, as well as the reason I wrote it. I know some people are wondering why I wrote a book when I already have a blog where I share so much renter advice ?

Before I go into WHY I wrote the book, let me give you a little preview on what’s inside.

Rental Style, which doubles as a decor piece and handy design guide, shows readers how to decorate and organize small, rented spaces on a budget. The book will cover all home development stages from searching for a rental home to decorating and organizing it.

Many people are reluctant to design their spaces due to renter restrictions, which leaves homes bland and boring. Rental Style will erase that unease and demonstrate how you can turn a rented space into a home using temporary, creative tricks that won’t drive landlords crazy.

Rental Style will demonstrate how to “renovate” a rental through clever design and budget-friendly tips and hacks on the following topics:

  • Beating the stress of finding a home
  • Items to switch out when moving into a rental
  • Furniture to invest in when living in a small home
  • Decorating to maximize small spaces
  • Myths many renters believe
  • Removable products meant for renters
  • Incorporating more seating into your smaller home
  • Combating limited storage
  • Ways to “renovate” a rental kitchen
  • Hosting in a very small home
  • And more!

Originally, the book was titled, “Renting Revamped,” however, the publisher thought Rental Style would target a wider audience. I still love Renting Revamped and hope to use it somewhere else in the future 😉

In addition to my photos and designs, I had the most AMAZING contributors for this book that represented a variety of interior styles. I didn’t just want one type of aesthetic in the book and representing other people’s REAL homes was such an honor.

Now, this is why I decided to write a book: as much as I love the digital world we’re in, there’s something timeless about old-fashioned media. I doubt books will EVER go out of style since books cater to multiple demographics. Digital media, on the other hand, such as blogs and social media, caters to a certain demo that enjoys scrolling through Insta feeds and going down the spiral of social media. With Rental Style, I wanted to reach a wider range of people who wouldn’t normally stumble upon my blog online or through social media. I also wanted the ability to create a go-to, timeless guide that people would be able to use for years on end. A book like this (decorating small, rental apartments) has never been created before, and there’s always a first for everything. I felt like this was a must-have resource that so many renters and small-space owners needed … even if they didn’t realize it!

The feedback I’ve received on the book has been beyond overwhelming and I couldn’t be more grateful for those who purchased the books.

If you want your own copy, you can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Target. It’s also available in almost every country so if you live outside of the US, please message me and I can send you a link to purchase!

XO. Chelsey

Decorating a small apartment, studio apartment or rented apartment can be challenging, but not impossible! You can achieve your dream home in a rental space with this new book that includes everything from how to decorate a rented kitchen to how to divide a studio apartment. This book even contains storage tricks and rental apartment inspiration! Small living room or bedroom? No problem! No dedicated place to work? I have a solution for a DIY office! This book has all the answers you need!

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  1. Joni Ryder says:

    I can vouch for this book for it’s beauty and simplicity. I have read it cover to cover twice and it makes a great addition to my coffee table. This book is not just for renters – I believe it targets a larger audience – both homeowners and renters. You won’t be sorry you purchase it. There is nothing quite as satisfying as curling up with a good book on a rainy day and this book will not disappoint.

  2. Penny White says:

    You seriously need to think about marketing your book in Australia. You’d be an instant millionare, not even kidding. I’m hoping to grab a copy myself. I’ve been following you for years.
    My Tiny Vignette
    (Instagram & FB)

    • Chelsey B says:

      Wow thank you! Not even sure how I would go about marketing in Australia?? I know my book is available in Aus through dymocks, booktopia and mightyape!

  3. Andrew White says:

    This is very useful to me because i read many article and implemented but doesn’t work its very informative thank you for sharing with us.

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