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I am Autumn-obsessed. No, not the season, but the person! This girl knows how to rock her rental and has transformed her home into a magical retreat using clever design tips and tricks. You must give her a follow on Instagram and also keep up with her website for art-deco vintage finds.

I stumbled upon Madison through the wonderful world of Instagram … and I am SO glad I did. Her decorating skills are so chic and she loves a challenge when it comes to rental spaces (especially her own)! Here is her Instagram.

Although she owns her home, she is the queen of budget-friendly steals and small-space hacking!  Alisa is NEVER afraid to get her hands dirty and loved taking bold design risks in her home. Here is here BLOGINSTAGRAM. Modern, cozy and boho are three words to describe Linnea’s design aesthetic. Her apartment is a perfect example on how small-space renters can maximize their homes! Here is her Instagram.

Color-meets-perfection? YES! Sandra knows how to work with color in a smaller home AND knows how to convert a bland space into a chic oasis. Her platform is one that inspires me to use more pops of color into my own home. Here is her blog and Instagram.

The minute I virtually met Kath … I fell in love with her interior style! She truly knows how to take a small home and turn it into a sancturary full of blush and art-deco galore. Give her a follow on Instagram and make sure to check out her blog as well.

Kathy’s home is a dream come true for any new york chick. Her funky touch and feminine vibes brings so much joy into her home! Make sure to follow her media marketing Instagram for some feminine inspo (and some VERY cute photos of her pup 🙂 )

Lauren definitely knows how to glam-up a rental … especially a small one! Her traditional-meets-modern style is the key to making her home as cozy and chic as it looks. Make sure to follow her blog and give her a follow on Instagram.

This girl KNOWS her stuff. Whether it’s turning a bland wall into a feature statement or finding creative methods for storage, this girl can do it all. Her designs are truly breathtaking and I honestly can’t stop staring every time I head to her website. Make sure to follow her on Instagram here and head to her blog for some bright & airy inpo. Christina was one of my first true friends on social media. Her personality and vibrance is literally contagious. Not only is she a boss babe that owns her own business, but she’s also one of the most talented self-made designers I’ve ever met. Check out her Instagram here and her shop here.

Featured in Elle Decor, this chick is an interior ANGEL. You can spend hours on her feed just looking at the cool, unique designs she’s completed. Her eclectic charm is truly amazing and if you need a designer to completely transform your home from top-to-bottom, she is IT. Check out her Instagram here.

#homegoals #homegoals #homegoals. The second I found Miranda online, I felt like I truly met my interior spirit animal. She knows how to combine ANY interior style together with grace and charm. Her home feels like a luxury-Bali retreat .. and the best part? She shows you how you can do it on a BUDGET (my favorite word). Check out her Instagram here for the chicest inspiration.

If you love that eclectic-moody vibe, this girl is for YOU! She is so talented when it comes to arranging darker colors in a smaller spaces. Also, the way she mixes vintage + modern is DROOL-WORTHY! Check out her Instagram here for some small-space V I B E S.

I think we are officially considered BFFs?  I found Nicole through Instagram, and little did I know, she lives only BLOCKS away from me! Her home is the true definition of how to transform a rental while still keeping your landlord happy. From installing wallpaper to decor tricks, Nicole has all the inspo you need for your tiny rental home. Check her Instagram out here.

ELLENOR NEEDS TO MOVE TO NYC! (pretty please?) She transformed her rental kitchen into a luxury oasis with super simple tips and creative tricks. She is just the loveliest gal and her talents exceed the creativty she puts into her own rental home. Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram here and follow her blog for everything lifestyle-related. (ps. her home is #goals)

Found Carrie on Instagram through my explore page … and I am couldn’t be more thankful! Carrie truly defines how to turn a rental space into a dream home. Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram here.

I met Hoda at the Amara Award Ceremony in 2018. Thank goodness I took that trip to London or I wouldn’t have met this totally awesome boss-babe! Not only does she run her own interior store, but she also specializes in HEALTHY LIVING. You don’t hear that too often! This woman is so talented and I couldn’t be more obsessed with her home and well … her! Follow her on Instagram here and her shop here.

Sarah has been a part of this project since the beginning … (2017!) I feel as if I know her SO well already, even though we haven’t met in person yet! Even with children, she keeps her home looking magazine-ready at ALL times. Her funky vibes and eclectic charm can be found in every corner of her home … as well as every corner of her Instagram feed! Make sure to give her a follow!

Wallpaper GALORE! Not only is Samatha a talented designer, but she’s also a VERY talented business owner! Her wallpaper company is everything I could ever dream of. I mean, I legit want every print of hers in my own home. Please check out her shop online and definitely give her a follow on Instagram for all the colorful inspiration you need.

I actually found Stefanie’s feed right before sending in my book for the final review. I fell IN LOVE with this studio she designed and just knew I needed to place it in my book! This is a true representation of how to work with super small spaces with no sperate bedroom.  Please give her a follow on Instagram and head to her blog for all the interior inspo you need.

Corinne’s home is too precious for words. I knew I needed to include her home in my book when I saw how brilliantly she decorated her studio. Not only does she believe in budget-friendly finds, but she also is brilliant when it comes to storage tips and tricks. Please give her a follow on Instagram!

If you love incorporating color into your smaller home, Jolie is the person to go to! She brilliantly uses color to create dimension and character in her charming space. Oh, and her bathroom makeover is DROOL-WORTHY! Give her a follow here and make sure to also follow her blog.

This interior stylist KNOWS how to take a bland space and turn it into a luxury retreat. If you love to DIY and create bold statements in your home, you need to follow this girl! You can give her a follow on Instagram here and subscribe to her blog here.

Baylee is also one of the few who has been with me since the beginning! Not only is she an interior decorator but she also is an event planner! Her content is so inspiring and every time I stumble upon one of her new projects I immediately smile. Please give her a follow on Instagram and check out her event website here (Be warned: you will want to plan an event as soon as you get to her website!!).

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