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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Furniture Sets and What to Do Instead



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Have you ever walked into someone else’s home and thought, “this feels bland.” Well, it might be because they decorate with furniture sets. Furniture sets are what you can buy at big-box stores that give you a ton of furniture for a super cheap price. For example, buying a bedroom set composed of a bed, nightstands, and a dresser.


However, when ALL the furniture looks the same, it will make the space feel one-note. The lack of variety in colors and textures turns any room cold and characterless.

I totally understand that furniture sets are a deal and that can be hard to pass up, especially when you have an entire apartment to furnish. However, you can still get an amazing deal on furniture that’s not “matchy-matchy” using creative tips. Also. If you do have a furniture set, listen up because I’m going to tell you how you can still keep most of your furniture.

PSA: Having some matching furniture is not a bad thing. Matching nightstands are a YES. Matching sofas facing each other, also a YES. However, don’t want your sofa, coffee table, side table, and side chair to all match. Instead of a cohesive look, you’re going to end up with a boring space that lacks personality.

Let’s first talk about what to do if you have a furniture set. Let’s use a bedroom set as an example. Sell a few items (1-2) on Facebook marketplace and use the money you do have to purchase items that contrast the furniture you do have. In the example above, we sold the nightstands and dresser and swapped them out with white options that complement the gray nightstands.

Now, let’s talk about what to do INSTEAD of a furniture set. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my #1 rule is keeping your bases natural (whites, grays, leather, tans etc). Your bases are your large items of furniture. Keeping your bases neutral will allow you to add pops of color through your decor!

See the example above. We have a gray with a blush, modern chair contrasting it. The coffee table is acrylic which helps intermix the rest of the furniture.

To stay budget-friendly, I recommend buying used from Facebook Marketplace. You can find so many gems on there, and even make a profit if you’re also selling items.

If you aren’t a bland person, then you shouldn’t have a bland home either. Don’t let furniture sets make your home feel cold. You can create your dream home without settling for characterless sets!


xx, Chelsey

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  1. V says:

    What are your thoughts on furniture that is the same color family? I have a pink scalloped chair that I love and I want a loveseat to go with it. I have a lot of green and grey in my home. I was thinking of doing a blush (lighter than the chair) couch. Is this too matchy? Love your blog and will be ordering your book ????

  2. Anna Bowles says:

    Hello love you site. My apartment has grey tiles, with a beige walls. what I bought a black fulton and also a dark gray accent chair. Along with a black rectangle coffee table. Please tell what l should change. l want to replace a new sofa but don’t know color or style. Please help.

  3. Anna says:

    My apartment has grey tiles, with a beige walls. what I have a black sofa and also a dark gray accent chair. Along with a black rectangle coffee table. Please tell me what l should change. l want to replace a new sofa but don’t know color or style. Please help.

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