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Tips for Hosting a Party in a Small Space



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This post was updated on March 2021

We all love that feeling of being the host and having friends and family over. I personally adore planning parties and weekend brunches at my place.


Some of you might find it a scary thought to want to host a gathering in a space you feel is too small. Well, now it’s time to dispose of that fear because there’s no such thing as having too small of a space to host.

1. Always have food & drinks out before guests arrive

The first thing to remember is to always have food and drinks out before people arrive no matter how small or large the gathering is. Even if it’s just one friend stopping by, they’ll always remember you as the host that went out of their way. Go-to food and drinks for hosting are sparkling water, wine, cheese, crackers, and veggies.

2. Utilize all surfaces

It’s important to also utilize every surface in your home when hosting a larger party. Store away your appliances and large pieces of decor and replace them with decorative dishes, glasses, and platters. Tiered cake stands and tray risers are other great options to save space (vertical storage!). In addition, it’s nice to keep a chic tray table stored away and take it out when you absolutely need more surface space.

One of my favorite tips for hosting is to utilize the surface space on your coffee or console table. This is great hack for hosting, especially if you don’t have room for a dedicated dining or kitchen table. 

Another go-to hack? A folding table! A folding table is a must-have item, especially if you tend to host a bunch. It’s easy to store away and easy to take out when you need it. 

3. Have a dedicated spot for coats and bags

When having a larger gathering, it’s important to have a dedicated spot to place coats and bags instead of having those items scattered across the home. A bench near the doorway, a bedroom, or a dedicated chair are great areas for these items to be stored during a party.

4. Provide name tags for drinks

A functional and stylish touch to any large gathering is to provide empty name tags and pens for people to mark their cocktail glasses. Drinks can easily get mixed up in a smaller space and this method is a great way to prevent that from happening.

5. Keep food and drinks separated

Another go-to rule for hosting in a smaller space is to control the flow of traffic. This means keeping your food, let’s say, in the kitchen, and drinks in the living room so one place isn’t too congested. A bar cart or console table is a great place to display drink options.

6. Keep WiFi information handy

Instead of having to constantly spell out the WiFi password to every person who walks into your home, just keep a few sticky notes with your WiFi information readily available on your walls or tables

7. Provide gift bags

Hosting an event at your home? Make sure the event is extremely memorable by giving your guests a token at the end of the evening. As an example, I threw a New Year’s Eve party and gave all my guests mini shooters and shot glasses to take home.

Finally, it’s important to let some air in especially when you’re hosting a larger party. Open your windows or invest in some fans you can spread throughout your home so guests don’t get too hot.


Do you have any go-to tips for hosting? Let me know down below!


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  1. Poppy says:

    Hello Chelsey, I’ve hosted several parties?in my one bedroom flat. Up to 15 people. You have great tips. My no 1 is: Be prepared. Cook, bake, place, set ahead of time. Even the day before if possible. After that, it’s smooth sailing.

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