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Hi everyone and happy June 🙂

If you’ve been following me on social, you know I’ve been searching for my next apartment (doesn’t it feel like it was yesterday I moved into my current space??). As I’ve been house hunting, I’ve realized how many questions I pre-prepared for landlords. I never leave an apartment viewing without asking these specific questions… and neither should you! Below are the 5 most important to questions to ask and WHY you should ask them:

1. Is there a live-in super?

Another question to go along with this one is “is there 24/7 maintenance if I have an emergency?” Having a live-in super is vital for any apartment dweller (which I know most of you are!). What if the lock on your window breaks or your toilet gets clogged (yuck, i know)? You want to make sure someone can come within the hour to help with any maintenance issues you’re having.

2. What are the rules about nailing and drilling into the walls?

This is SUCH an important one. You want to make sure your landlord allows you to drill and nail into walls. Most landlords will let you do this as long as you fill in the holes upon moving out; however, there is a handful that won’t! If a landlord is super strict, then I’d suggest passing on that specific unit.

3. How are packages handled?

We ALL online shop which means we are continually getting deliveries. Is there a package room? Does USPS have a key to enter your building? How does your building prevent package thefts? How does your building handle large package deliveries? These are all super important questions to figure out before signing your lease!

4. How heavy is the security in the building?

Is there a doorman? Are there cameras? How many thefts have there been in the building? Security should be your #1 priority when looking into a home. If you sense something is even the slightest bit off in a building you’re looking at, just pass on it. It’s not worth the risk! If there’s no doorman, make sure there is some security plan incorporated into your building, whether that be cameras or a virtual doorman.

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5. How are rent increases handled?

Always ask what the average rent increase is. If you want to avoid a large rent increase, typically landlords will give you a discount if you sign a two-year lease!

6. What will you do to the apartment to prepare for my move-in?

Will they paint the apartment? Will they provide a deep clean? Make sure the landlord provides exactly what is stated in the lease.

Finally, before signing a lease, make sure EVERYTHING is in writing. Triple check the lease if you have to! Many people make the mistake of neglecting to read a lease before signing… which can lead to serious issues with a landlord.

Hope this is helpful for you all! Let me know if you have any questions XO.


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  1. Joni Ryder says:

    Great advice – Love your hair and love you.

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