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How to Prepare for Weekend Guests in a Small Apartment



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Having friends or family members visit for the weekend is always exciting.


However, getting the home ready for their arrival can be stressful. From bathroom necessities to pantry must-haves, check out my list below to help prepare for weekend guests:

Prepare clean towels: 

Make sure to have clean bath and face towels ready for your guests to use as soon as they arrive. I like to roll the towels and leave them in the space the guests are sleeping in.

Make space for their belongings:

Dedicate a space, whether that be in your bedroom or hallway, where the guests can unpack their luggage. I keep an extra-large chair in the corner of my apartment that’s dedicated to guest belongings. You can also invest in a luggage rack! 

Assemble a bathroom kit: 

Make sure to keep a small basket in your bathroom full of toiletry items. These items include razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and makeup remover pads. You can keep this in the bathroom or wrap these items up in a cute bag and display it when they walk into your home! 

Stock up on their favorite food: 

Fill your pantry with snacks, drinks, and breakfast foods your guests like to eat. Also make sure to have a few of these foods available on the counter in your kitchen. Some guests can feel uncomfortable opening your pantry or fridge. Leaving this food out is a clear sign for, “This food is yours!”

Offer drink upon arrival: 

Whether it be a glass of wine or a bottle of water, make sure your guests have a beverage in their hands within the first few minutes of arrival. Also make sure there’s a bottle of water waiting for them where they are sleeping. If you live in a studio, place the water on the mattress or sofa they will be sleeping on. 

Prepare clean bedding:

Although you should make the bed before they arrive, make sure to have an extra blanket and pillow readily available in case they get cold or need extra head support. I always provide silk pillowcases since they are way healthier for your skin and hair! 

Plan an itinerary:

Sometimes plans need to be played by ear. However, it’s important that most of the weekend activities are arranged ahead of time. This will not only save time but will also make a really good impression on your guests!



I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave comments or questions below!

Have guests staying for the weekend but live in a small apartment? Here are some easy tips and tricks on how to prepare and host for guests overnight in your small space. #hostingaparty #partyideas #hostingguests #hostingguestsovernight #hostingguestsfortheweekend

xo, Chelsey

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