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As most of us who live in small apartments know, it is SO hard finding enough storage in the kitchen.

From finding space for cleaning supplies to over-cluttered countertops, kitchen organization is definitely a struggle. It took almost two years to find an organizational system that worked for me. The key to an organized, de-cluttered kitchen? Organizational accessories! Below, you’ll find some helpful, chic kitchen items that will not only help organize your kitchen, but “glamify” it as well!

1. Multi-Purpose Organizer

This organizer is ideal for storing pans, trays and other flat kitchen accessories. The gold texture makes it perfect to use outside of cabinets if necessary! Get yours here.

2. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s are a great way way to keep spices, condiments and other kitchen items neat, tidy and organized. I love this lazy susan because it adds a “glam” feel to your cabinets with it’s silver, matted texture. In addition, it adds double the storage with its two shelves. You can get yours here.

3. Acrylic Shelf Riser

Save space in your cabinets by using this chic, acrylic shelf riser. It lets you store under & over while keeping your cabinets feeling classy. I use one in the cabinet that stores my plates and spices. Get yours here.

4. Wicker Basket

Utilize the space over your cabinets with stunning wicker baskets. These are a great alternative to using clear, plastic bins! I keep extra paper towel rolls and miscellaneous decorations in mine. Get yours here.

5. Marble Utensil Holder

Store you utensils in-style with this elegant porcelain crock. Get yours here.

6. Hanging Fruit Basket

Instead of cluttering your countertops with a fruit basket, store your fruit in the air! The extra storage will maximize the kitchen area and add a feminine look to the space with it’s gold design. Get yours here.

7. Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

Save countertop space by mounting a paper towel holder to the wall. This paper towel holder is great because it gives you extra storage above to house cleaning supplies, spices and more. Get yours here.

Do you have any organizers that save space in your kitchen? Let me know down below!

Xo, Chelsey

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