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If I’ve learned anything this month, it’s that sometimes, interior decorators need help also! You might be asking yourself, “Chelsey, why did you hire an organizer when you can do it yourself?” Well, that’s a very good question and the answer is simple: I didn’t have time, energy, or mental capacity to do it.

Tamar from Tidee Living was the miracle worker who I hired for the job. She actually organized my apartment during the two weeks my Instagram was down, which was probably the most stressful two weeks of my life (Tamar saw me at my WORST). I’m so glad I had her because if I didn’t, my apartment would still be in shambles. With my small-space, quirky hacks, and her organizational genius, my apartment is oh-so-satisfying right now. And I need to give a huge shoutout to IDesign, (here is their drool-worthy IG) who contributed all of the plastic organizers for this project.

The kitchen was probably the most difficult task as I have so many cooking supplies and not enough cabinet space. Tamar used the coolest organizers from IDesign to transform my cabinets.

Tamar also made sure my media console was used for way more than just media. All of my travel accessories are stored here, using IDesign plastic organizers.

I taught Tamar my fun trick of hiding narrow items behind curtains and leaning mirrors. She was hesitant at first, but now I think she’s onboard ???? We stored my laundry rack, doggy door, and step stool behind the leaning mirror in my living room.

We also made sure to utilize the buffet cabinet in my living room for extra kitchen storage, tools, and my camera equipment.

As for my closet, this is my favorite transformation ???? Tamar organized everything by style and the added gold shelf makes it feel so “Carrie-Bradshaw”. She also added labels between my clothes so I can quickly find what I am looking for. Yes, I know I wear only back. It’s currently an issue I am working on ????. We also utilized vertical space for my shoes against the door. I honestly love being in this closet and am beyond happy with how it turned out.

Once I get my curtains installed, I’ll be storing some of my camera supplies behind the panels. I’m also waiting for a few more furniture-meets-storage items to arrive so I can continue the organizational process.

But honestly, Tamar from Tidee Living blew my mind with how quickly and efficiently she organized my apartment. I’m so happy to have met her and even happier to now call her my friend ???? PS. Follow her Instagram for some drool-worthy content!

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  1. Joni Ryder says:

    Great article Chelsey – makes those less talented not feel completely inadequate. It just shows that even the best need help once in awhile. BTW You and Seymour look so cute.

  2. Poppy says:

    Hello Chelsey, it’s nice to know we all need a little help in this department (even when it’s our job). I always like your post and how you style small and very small places ☺️
    I saw you are wearing a ‘ת so may I wish you Shana Tova? And may you be inscribed in the Book of Life.

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