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How to Install Wall Sconces or Light Fixtures Without Hardwiring OR a Wall Outlet!



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Live in a rental but want a light future that’s meant to be hardwired? No problem. Live in a home where you thought you could use a plug-in light, but there are no outlets around? No problem either!


Today, I am showing you how you can install the wall light of your DREAMS without needing an outlet nearby OR the ability to hardwire! You heard me, a wall light without electricity! *shocks*

These are the items that you will need:
  1. The sconce or light of your choosing (I recommend choosing something opaque where you won’t be able to see the puck light)
  2. The hardware that comes with your sconce (you will assemble and hang the light with the exact directions that come with your specific light) Most sconces come with an anchor and screws!
  3. A screwdriver (this is only if you need to disassemble your shade like I had to, to get the pucks to fit inside!)
  4. 4-6 light pucks! (I used two in each I actually took one out because of weight. These lights will go inside your light fixture) MAKE SURE TO PURCHASE PUCK LIGHTS WITH A REMOTE! If you don’t purchase with the remote, this won’t work! 

The key to this DIY is using battery-operated PUCK lights instead of bulbs or battery-operated bulbs. I repeat- do NOT use a battery-operated bulb for this! LED bulbs will only last 3 hours on battery versus puck lights which can last a good 2-3 months.

So, I ended up choosing a sconce that I had to take apart to be able to fit the pucks in. I’m sure you can find larger lamps that don’t require this, however, I loved these lights and knew I had to have them!

The DOWNSIDE of this tutorial (there are always downsides to hacking the system LOL!) is that once the batteries die, I will need to unscrew the lamp to replace the batteries in the puck and reassemble the lamp. I do think this is a fair trade-off for having killer lights in your home with NO electricity required!

1. IF you need to, disassemble your shade so the puck lights are able to fit inside.

2. Make sure there are batteries in your puck lights (most don’t come with batteries)

3. Place the puck light inside of your shade. If you have a shade that’s not round, you can use a 3M strip to attach the puck to where the bulb socket is.

I had to screw the lamp onto the base after placing the puck inside.

4. Assemble the light based on the instructions the manufacturer was given to you. NOTHING changes about the way you mount your light except for the fact it doesn’t need to be plugged in or hardwired!

My light required me to use anchors in the wall, which wasn’t a problem since they were small. This entire process to about 30 minutes and I think the end result looks amazing! It truly looks like it was hard-wired into the wall. All you need to do is use the remote to turn the light on and off. Brilliant, if I do say so myself!!

The puck lights I bought are dimmable and are sooo bright (fancy!). I will link all the products I used below 🙂


Will you be trying this out in your own home? Let me know down below!

Want a wall sconce or light fixture with no wiring? Can’t hardwire your light? Want a plug-in wall sconce or light but don’t have an outlet nearby? You can transform your rental kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom with this lighting hack where you can install the wall scone of your dreams without electricity, hardwiring or an outlet. Read the easy instructions here! #wallsconces #wallsconcesnowiring #wallsconcesnothardwired #lightnoelectricty

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  1. nicole says:

    I love this! can you link the sconces you used? it looks like it redirects to the screwdriver

  2. Andrea says:

    I love your sconces! Where did you get them!! I’m going to follow your lead!!

  3. Erica Wilson says:


    LOVE LOVE LOVE your apartment decor and DIY ideas!

    Do you have any recommendations (e. g. product brand name, website, etc.) for recess lighting on the ceiling for a rental space similar to your puck in sconces presentation? I would like to create a faux recess lighting on my ceiling without the hardwire of recess lighting.

    Thank you

  4. Sandy Alias says:

    Hi! I love this idea! Wear did you get this scone and the puck lights?

  5. Anita says:

    Don’t do this. I was so excited, and this is just the worst. I bought the same exact lamps and puck lights, but 1) the light is not very bright or soft to fill a room for evening reading 2) what is notably excluded in this is that when you put 2-3 puck lights in there, you can see circles of shadow from the puck lights and you’re best best is shaking the lamp to get the puck lights positioned right, but then that doesn’t work when u have to place them on the wall. and because these scones are round…you can’t stick them onto the globe on the inside. Which would be hard to remove in 2-3 months anyway. Don’t waste your money like I did 🙁 maybe use a different sconce, but this DIY is not useful at all

    • Chelsey B says:

      Oh no! That makes me so sad! I placed my pick lights in the back so you can’t see the shape of them. Also, if you bought the same lights as me, you should easily be able to twist the top off to adjust the pucks. Hope this helps xo

  6. Patty says:

    I purchased what you recommended – the puck lights are way too big for this sconce, even when I unscrewed the cap from the shade. So disappointing! It might be a good idea to share measurements in the future.

    • Chelsey B says:

      Hi! Unfortunately, Amazon keeps replacing that puck light link every few weeks with a new product. I try to keep an eye out for product changes, however, I can’t monitor it 24/7.

  7. ali says:

    Thank you so much for all of your tips and tricks! i was about to order these, but wanted to check and see how often you ended up needing to change the batteries in the puck lights?

    thanks so much!

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