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How to Add Wainscoting to a Rental Home



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Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for… I’ve been teasing this wainscoting project for MONTHS, and it’s finally here! You can easily add wainscoting to your rental home on a budget AND with virtually NO tools!


What will you need for this project? You’ll need to get:

1. Polyurethane wall panels

2. Measuring tape

3. Corner velcro strips

4. A mitre box & saw (optional incase you need to cut a piece) 

The most important thing to note is you MUST buy polyurethane wall panels. These wall panels look like real wood, yet feel light as a feather. I suggest you buy the same ones I did as I wasn’t able to find any others that matched the quality. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your walls, so you know exactly what sizes to order. I suggest keeping each panel at least 3 inches or more from each other vertically & horizontally. If you order the same ones I recommend above, they will arrive within two days if you have Amazon prime 🙂 IF they don’t already match the colors of you walls, they are EXTREMELY easy to paint. Talk to your landlord and ask the exact paint color they used on your walls. Luckily, mine matched almost perfectly so there was no need to paint 🙂

2. Once the wall panels arrive, you’ll want to add the corner velcro trips to the (back) 4 corners of each panel. This allows the panels to stick to the wall while still being removable!

3. IF you need to cut around something like an outlet or electrical box, you will need to invest in a saw. I recommend using a mitre box & saw to protect your floors AND get a perfect cut.

Decorating walls in a rental might feel frustrating, but it’s actually super easy! If you want to add wainscoting to your rental home or apartment, you’re in luck! Here’s a tutorial on how to add REMOVABLE wainscoting to a rental! #rentalhomedecorating #rentaldecorating #redecoratingonabudget #smalllivingroomideas #smallapartmentdecorating #redecroatinglivingroom #redecoratingbedroom #livingroomideas #walldecor

You can even insert removable wallpaper within the panels if you want to add additional character to your walls. I chose not not since I liked how white and bright the wall looked 🙂

And there you have it! That’s how easy it is to apply wainscoting to your rental. The BEST part about this project is that it’s extremely easy to remove and take to your next home!

Decorating walls in a rental might feel frustrating, but it’s actually super easy! If you want to add wainscoting or wall paneling to your rental rented home or apartment, you’re in luck! Here’s a tutorial on how to add REMOVABLE wainscoting or wall paneling to a rental!


Will you be trying this out in your rental home? Let me know down below!

XO, Chelsey

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  1. Ash says:

    This turned out so dope! It’s definitely giving me ideas for my apartment!

  2. nicole says:

    Love this! what sizes did you order

  3. Laurie Marie says:

    This is an amazing idea and one I am going to try.
    Thank You so much for this beautiful idea. I look forward to more ideas.

    Stay True to Yourself!!!

  4. Ami says:

    Love this look! May I ask what the width of your wall was? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Huong Vo says:

    Obviously, I am so late in finding this post, Chelsey, but I LOVED this idea! I’m moving soon and hope that I can do this with my apartment! Eek! x

    She Sweats Diamonds 

  6. Rebeca says:

    OMG look so pretty, i really love your idea

  7. Juan says:

    Could you link the bigger wall panels you have in your living room today? 🙂 I LOVE those and am looking for something just like those! The ones linked here are a little smaller 🙂 thank you so much!

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