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DIY a Fluted Side Table for under $100



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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I LOVE a good ole’ unique DIY project. This project is something you can do in your own home, even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a significant amount of space to work. Before we start, make sure to read the disclaimed to avoid injury 🙂



Before painting, make sure to open all of your windows. If you are able to do this project outside, then feel free to use spray paint. If you live in a small apartment and don’t have space to work outside, please use water-based paint (NOT SPRAY PAINT) and a paintbrush, and make sure there’s enough ventilation in the room. Wear a mask, gloves, and eye protection while painting. 


4 in. x 24 in. PVC Foam Core Sch. 40 Pipe (order 3)

4 inch acrylic or wood disks (order 3)

Gorilla Glue


Ziplock bags

Paint of your choice (WATER-BASED)

Baking Soda

16-inch Pre-Cut Circular Wood

First, adhere the disc to the inside of your PVC pipes with the Gorilla Glue. This will probably be the most difficult step as you need to make sure the cap is as close to the bottom as possible and as straight as possible. This disk is to prevent the bags of sand (later step) from sliding out. If this step is too difficult, you CAN skip this step. However, you will need to manually move the sand if you want to move the side table to different locations.

Once dry (give it 24 hours), place the pipes upright (with the discs at the bottom) and arrange how you want them to look as your base. Make sure they are touching each other!

Once you like the look of the base, carefully glue the sides together so they all stick. Let dry for an hour. If you have any large clamps laying around, now is the time to use them!

Next, fill the PVC pipes with one sand-filled Ziplock bag (or cat litter if you don’t have sand!). This will keep the base sturdy and prevent it from falling over. Don’t place the sand in the pipes without it being in a secured Ziplock bag. You don’t want sand flying all over the place ????

Once filled with sand, now we can focus on the tabletop! Place glue on the top of the PCV pipes and immediately place the 16-inch piece of wood on top. If you want to make sure it’s perfectly centered, use a measuring tool underneath the tabletop to ensure the base is perfectly centered with the top. Let dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

Now is the moment to paint! To create a ceramic look, we want to use baking soda for texture. If you are not using spray paint, mix an equal part of baking soda and your water-based paint together to form a thick consistency. Paint your table as desired.

If you are using spray paint, spray paint your table first and let it dry 80%. Mix equal parts water and baking soda, and with a paintbrush, lightly coat your table. This will also create a “ceramic” look so your table.


And there you have it! A modern side table for under $100! You can use the same type of method if you want to create a large table or a desk 🙂 Will you be trying this out in your home??

How to make and DIY a fluted side table on a budget

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