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How to Add Pops of Color to Your Small Apartment



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It’s important to add a certain amount of color to your home, even if it is mostly neutral-toned (*cough* *cough* my apartment!). Many people feel hesitant when adding color into their homes because they are afraid of inconsistencies or weary of making their space feel too small. But have no fear! My fail-proof tips below will allow you to add those pops of color without over-doing it or breaking the bank:

Incorporating throw pillows:

Adding colorful throw pillows to your seating or bedding can instantly give your space that pop of color it needs. Throw pillows are a great solution for adding color because they are budget-friendly and easy to switch out whenever needed. This is an especially great option for those who want to start small or don’t want to commit to spending too much on colorful decor.

Adding small pieces of furniture:

A small, colorful ottoman, side table, or chair can instantly give your space the flair it needs. This can be the feature statement your bedroom or living space is craving! If you’re living in a super tiny home, I recommend just sticking with a small piece of furniture versus something like a sofa, as a colorful sofa might trick the eye into making your space feel smaller. When in doubt, always start small!

Investing in an area rug:

Adding a colorful area rug into your space is a great way to add fun contrast to neutral-colored furniture (especially a sofa!). When picking out a color for your rug, make sure that it compliments the carpet or wood flooring underneath.

Create colorful floral arrangements: 

This is personally my go-to hack for adding color into mine and my client’s homes. You’d be surprised what a feature statement an oversized floral arrangement can make! I usually get my faux florals from Michaels and create arrangements using individual pieces.

Incorporate fun art or wallpaper:

Don’t want to change up any of your furniture or decor? Art is a great way to make your space more vibrant, especially with bland-white walls. You can even take a bigger leap of faith and invest in some fun, colorful wallpaper! I suggest investing in peel & stick as it’s easy to remove if you change your mind or want to switch it out after a year.

Don’t forget about plants:

If you’re still hesitant when adding color to your space, plants are the best place to start. They’ll add a tasteful pop of color to your home without feeling too forceful as they are a natural pop of color.


Will you be trying out any of these tips in your home? Let me know down below!

It’s important to have a white, airy living space when living in a smaller home. However, if you live in a small space a love color, here are a few ways to add pops of color to your home without going overboard.

xx, Chelsey

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