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Hi everyone and happy New Year! I can’t believe I haven’t created a post like this yet … and to that end, I’M SORRY! I’ve created posts about items renters should switch out and even posts about larger items that are must-haves for tenants … but I’ve never told you all the must-have “smaller” items you NEED. Below, I’ve laid out the items you should ALWAYS keep in your home and WHY you need them.

1. All-in-one drill kit

You probably keep a screwdriver in your home … which is great. However, a drill will change. your. life. A drill is basically a screwdriver on Adderal. It allows you to hang photos, assemble furniture and do DIY’s 10x faster than just have a screwdriver. I am constantly using my drill to hang large paintings and assemble/disassemble furniture. This item ALWAYS comes in handy when you move and/or move out.

2. Spackle

If you’re like me, and you’re always switching out your wall decor, then spackle is a must! This product allows you to easily fill in holes and smooth out rough surfaces. It’s important to keep this on hand, because similarly to me, you’ll probably be switching out your wall decor on a quarterly basis. And yes, most landlords WILL let you nail into walls 🙂

3. Skinny Mop

Not sure about you, but I live in a TINY RENTAL. This means that all my appliances have to also be TINY. ALL apartments seem to build up dust faster than the dust bunny. If I don’t clean my floors every other day, I get that gross, black shadow on my foot. Having a mop will allow you to easily clean your floors and prevent nasty dust buildup. Something like a Swiffer Wet Jet should be skinny enough to hide away in a closet or under a bed.

4. Command Hooks 

This is obvious, I know, but I had to include it. I think people underestimate all the ways you can use Command Hooks. I utilize one every few weeks, whether it’s to hang something in my cabinet or add another towel hook in my bathroom. Command hooks will ALWAYS come in handy, especially due to the temporary, damage-free aspect of the product.

5. Magic Eraser

Scuff on the walls? I bet the answer is yes! In a small space, it’s easy to rub an item against a wall and get that annoying black mark. This product will instantly remove the mark and make your walls look brand new!

6. Carpet Cleaner

In a small apartment, it’s hard to ask people to take their shoes off every time they walk into your home. A carpet cleaner allows you to keep you carpets clean and dirt-free. I personally use this Woolite cleaner because it’s so easy to use and it works immediately. PS. This product is also great for cleaning white shoes 😉

7. Live Cam

Live in an apartment building? When you’re out of town, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep this on when you’re away JUST to make sure you get a notification if any movement is present in your home. Also, if you find something stolen when you come back, there’s a better change you’ll be able to catch the culprit.


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