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5 Things You Need to Get Rid Of Right Out of College



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The transition between college and the “real world” can be extremely difficult. It’s emotionally draining to go from being a college student to instant adulthood with actual responsibilities.


Part of the transition after college includes moving from a dorm/sorority house to your first real apartment. Make sure to create an “adult” first home by ditching these common college habits below:

Photo collages: 

I think everyone reading this can admit that we’ve all done this at some point in our lives. However, once you graduate you need to leave those collages on campus. If you want to incorporate personal photos into your decor, try creating a gallery wall using individual picture frames.


Nothing says tacky more than posters. If you happen to love a certain poster and don’t want to trash it, get it professionally framed.

Plastic bins on the floor: 

We’ve all gotten plastic bins from Bed Bath & Beyond at some point during our college years. Although they are extremely functional, they are also extremely unattractive. Ditch those plastic bins for decorative storage or put them away into a closet until you can afford to buy better storage pieces.

Empty alcohol bottles:

It was a habit in college to display empty alcohol bottles as memories of all those fun nights.  However, once you’re out of college you should recycle this habit. Instead, display cute cocktail glasses & alcohol bottles on a chic bar cart.

Decor with quotes:

Ditch that pillow that says “smile” on it for a faux fur pillow instead. Grown-up homes do not incorporate decor with quotes!


I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave comments or questions below. All resources will be in the shop section.

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xo, Chelsey

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