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5 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



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Below are some common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them:

 Are you making any of these decorating mistakes in your home?#rentalhomedecorating

1. Decorating each room differently

Each room needs to have a common interior style and some form of cohesion throughout the home. Yes, it’s ok to want each room to have it’s own flare. However, you don’t want each space to feel like it’s own entity. For example, if your living room is mid-century modern, then the bedroom shouldn’t be glam on glam. As an alternative, keep each space mid-century modern and add a few glam touches in the bedroom. You’ll get that glam feel while keeping each space cohesive.

2. Buying new items when decor starts feeling old

I know how easy it is to want to go out and buy new items when you’re starting to get tired of the look of your space. In reality, you should actually downsize your stuff. It’s amazing how de-cluttering can transform the look of your space! My #1 rule of thumb is you need to get rid of something before you buy something.

3. Using rugs with the wrong proportions

We’ve all done this before – being stuck with a rug we know is too small/large for a space and keeping it because of laziness. I have to admit, I’m extremely guilty of this in my living room. However, if a rug is too large, sell it! You’ll be so much happier when you replace it with a rug that actually fits the dimensions of your space. If a rug is too small, try layering a larger rug underneath.

4. Relying only on overhead lighting

This is a mistake most of us are guilty of- While overhead lighting is useful, it’s not enough and usually not very flattering. Keep a mix of ambient and task lighting in your space. It’ll make the home feel warmer and provide enough light to the space.

5. Buying sets of furniture

This the biggest no-no in design. It’s so easy to want to buy that couch and matching love seat, however, don’t fall into this temptation. You may think you’re doing a service to your space by creating cohesion, but there is such thing as too much cohesion. Matching furniture will always be unappealing and boring. As an alternative, buy a love seat with the same fabric of the couch but a different color. This will give the space that cohesion while adding extra dimension.

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Comment down below if you’ve been guilty of any of these or if you have alternative solutions!

Xo, Chelsey

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